14 Phere is an upcoming Hindi movie. The movie is directed by Devanshu Singh and will feature Vikrant Massey, Kriti Kharbanda, Gauhar Khan and Manoj Bakshi as lead characters. Other popular actor who was roped in for 14 Phere is Rajendra Bhatia.14 Phere is a Hindi movie starring Vikrant Massey and Kriti Kharbanda in prominent roles. It is a drama directed by Devanshu Singh.Krishnan, Ganga, Balan Chettan, Venu (Vinay Forrt) and others form a gang working for a local businessman, Surendran Aashaan (Anil Nedumangad). After the gang is involved in a fight, Krishnan kills a police officer while trying to save Ganga.14 Phere 2021.

He then goes to jail and returns to Kammattippaadam only to discover that the gang is now more advanced and are smuggling spirit under the leadership of Surendran Aashaan. The gang creates a lot of enemies, which includes Johnny (Shine). Krishnan discovers that Ganga is also in love with Anitha and is planning to get married soon. The gang threatens the local people to leave their homes at low price. Ganga’s grandfather is devastated at his grandchildrens’ involvement in it and he dies grief-stricken at their disrespect.In the early 1980s, Krishnan, a primary school student befriends Gangadharan/Ganga, a kid who belongs to a Dalit family. Ganga’s brother Balan/Balan Chettan (Manikandan) is a thug and is involved in smuggling spirit. Both Krishnan and Ganga are introduced to violence at a very young age. Krishnan is in love with Anitha (Shaun Romy), a relative of Ganga (Anitha is Ganga’s bride as per custom).Balan who is now a changed man after his grandfather’s death wants to stop everything. One night Balan’s wife demands to go to medical shop to get some supplies. They are accompanied by both Ganga and Krishnan. Balan Chettan says that he wants to stop his criminal activity and simply wants to live happily with his family in Kammattippaadam by starting a travel agency. During their conversation about Anitha, Balan mentions his wish to see Krishnan marry her and this causes Ganga and Balan to end up in a fight. Ganga gets out of the car. riendship is torn apart.

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