Rise of Empires: Ottoman [Season 2]: 2xAll

S02 Ep(1-6)

Rise of Empires: Ottoman is Netflix’s latest attempt to out-history the History channel. That’s not a difficult task — so far, the streaming service has given us stuff like the Roman Empire series and Greatest Events of WWII in Colour, which actually show a modicum of interest in actual history, while History continues its ahistorical examinations of ghosts, mothmen, bigfeet, marshmallow men, Tralfamadorians and large vehicles driving over thin ice. Ottoman is a Turkish production and, like Roman Empire, entangles extravagant reenactments with documentary components. But is it actual history, or just schmistory.Rise of Empires: Ottoman Season 1 Download.

Rise of Empires: Ottoman: S02 Ep(1-6)
Dec. 29, 2022