The Rookies

The Rookies

Jul. 12, 2019ChinaPG
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More than five years after his promising and successful directing debut Firestorm, screenwriter-turned-director Alan Yuen is back with The Rookies, which died a very quick death at the Chinese box-office, and doesn’t seem destined for much of an international career, despite the presence of Milla Jovovich in a sizable role. It follows Zhao Feng (Darren Wang), a minor social media celebrity who scales skyscrapers live in Hong Kong for his fans’ entertainment. One day, as he’s parachuting down from a building, he unwittingly ends up in the middle of a dangerous transaction, and is mistaken by a shady businessman (Chan Kwok Kwan) as his contact. After managing to wing his way out of this delicate situation, he’s recruited by Bruce (Mille Jovovich), an elite agent from a secret organization called the Order of the Phantom Knighthood.The Rookies full Movie Download.

His mission is to keep passing himself as the man for whom he was mistaken earlier, and take part in a further transaction in Budapest, which will help secure a biblically devastating chemical weapon (it turns people into plants), thus stopping it from falling into the wrong hands – namely those of Iron Fist (David McInnis), a madman whose endgame is a new world order with only “good people and plants”. But Zhao Feng must first secure his bargaining chip in the upcoming transaction: the Holy Grail (the actual one), held in a general’s top-security mansion. He’s helped by Miao Miao (Sandrine Pinna), an underperforming Interpol agent prone to fits of uncontrollable rage, and by Ding (Timmy Xu), one of his fans, who’s also a brilliant inventor.

There’s an almost stream-of-consciousness dimension to the narrative, a disregard for any logic – even internal logic – that makes The Rookies a string of scenes rather than a film per se, with subplots dropped randomly and new ones popping up even more randomly. Consider the following sequence of events: “minor social media celebrity parachutes himself by mistake into a mysterious transaction, is then recruited by a secret organization to steal the Holy Grail in Budapest, with the help of one of his fans, and an Interpol agent”.

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The Rookies
Original title 素人特工
IMDb Rating 3.9 295 votes
TMDb Rating 5 3 votes
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