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Popovich: Road to Hollywood

Popovich: Road to Hollywood

Jan. 23, 2022United Statesn/A
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Based on the title, Popovich: Road To Hollywood, one might reasonably assume that it is a documentary about the rise of some long-forgotten celebrity. However, the film, written and directed by Gregory Popovich and Mike Thompson, is a narrative comedy that intentionally harkens back to comedy classics of yesteryear, the kind that Harold Llyod and Charlie Chaplin made famous. This extends to the look of the main character himself.The title character Popovich, played by Gregory Popovich, dresses like The Tramp and does similar vaudevillian acts. However, the circus he works at only wants him to be a clown and get in the face by a pie. This drives him crazy, and he messes up during a performance and quickly gets booted. So, Popovich decides to follow his dreams and become a star in Hollywood.Popovich: Road to Hollywood 2022 Full Movie Download.

However, after getting kicked off a bus, Popovich winds up in a small town and, through a series of mishaps, destroys a statue of the local heiress, Susan Meglopolos (Robin Barcus Slonina; odd note: the character is credited as Mrs. Meglopolos, which makes little to no sense given her arc). The judge orders the man to work at a local restaurant (the owner lost a bet) to make money to repay the damages done to the statue by the end of two weeks. But, of course, the restaurant does not go well, namely because of Popovich’s penchant to be kind to every animal he meets.

However, Sarah (Shannan Calcutt), potentially the only soul to understand Popovich, gets him a job with a construction company. It goes about as well as imagined. While courting Sarah, Popovich learns of a movie production coming through town and decides this is his shot. All the while, he is trying to be nice to everyone in the city and help them realize their dreams. Does Popovich finally find his place in the world?

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Popovich: Road to Hollywood
Original title Popovich: Road to Hollywood
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