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Morichika 2021 full Web Series Download


Jul. 16, 2021BangladeshR
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Morichika Season 1 full Web Series Download In Bangla 1080p 720p & 480p 


The web series revolves around a police investigation into the murder of an aspiring model. The star-studded cast includes Afran Nisho, Mahiya Mahi, Siam Ahmed and Jovan.The first trailer for video Platform Chroki’s original web series “Morichika” dropped on Wednesday evening, May 2 on the platform’s official YouTube channel.Directed and penned by Shihab Shaheen, the crime thriller will be released on the upcoming Eid al-Adha.The premise of the series revolves around a police investigation into the murder of an aspiring model whose body was found under a bridge.Morichika 2021 full Web Series Download In Bangla 1080p 720p and 480p . The ensemble cast includes Afran Nisho, Mahiya Mahi, Siam Ahmed, Jovan and others. The two-minute trailer features Siyam and Mahi in the roles of a police officer and a model, respectively. Afran Nisho is set to play the antagonist in the series.Morichika Season 01 Download

The trailer of the upcoming web series “Morichika” premiered on Chorki’s official Facebook page today at 6 pm. The series, directed by Shihab Shaheen, is produced by Redoan Rony. Morichika Season 01 DownloadThe two-minute action-packed trailer is a Chorki original series that casts Mahiya Mahi, Afran Nisho, Siam Ahmed, Farhan Ahmed Jovan, Naresh Bhuiya, Nazneen Chumki, Abdullah Rana, Farzana Rikta, Shetu Azad, Chanchal Mahmud, Shimul Khan, Nazneen Chumki and Tawfikul Emon.While Afran Nisho is seen in the role of a bold and powerful criminal, Siam Ahmed takes the role of a police officer. Gunshots, alley racings, paired with Mahiya Mahi’s glamour are what the audience will be looking forward to after viewing the trailer.Raju Rai is the director of photography of the production and the background music is composed by Khayam Sanu Sandhi.”Morichika” will be available on the OTT platform next Eid. Morichika Season 01 Download

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  • JonayedJuly 29, 2021Reply

    Download site not open how to open download site

    • FreeDriveMovieJuly 29, 2021Reply

      There is how to download video everywhere. access it from menu option.Watch video follow steps

  • RakibJuly 19, 2021Reply

    Difference between 3gb and 6gb ones?

    • FreeDriveMovieJuly 20, 2021Reply

      6Gb quality is better

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  • Md Shahidul islamJuly 16, 2021Reply

    How to play Mahanagar movie

    • FreeDriveMovieJuly 16, 2021Reply

      download and play watch how to download video

  • himelJuly 16, 2021Reply

    6 gb download complete but there is just 1 episod,

    • FreeDriveMovieJuly 16, 2021Reply

      Ohh noo please kindly extract it properly

    • RobiulJuly 30, 2021Reply

      Same Problem

      • FreeDriveMovieJuly 31, 2021Reply

        any problem msg our page use that msg icon

  • NazmulJuly 13, 2021Reply

    Doya kore tar file er shob dhoroner solution nie ekta vdo banie jodi diten tahole hoto.. r tar file sara ki upload kora jacche na?

    • FreeDriveMovieJuly 13, 2021Reply

      kindly download rar app from playstore that will do the job.or msg our page

    • FreeDriveMovieJuly 13, 2021Reply

      download rar app from playstore or msg us on fb page

  • NazmulJuly 13, 2021Reply

    Download complete but corrupted file dekhay..

    • SumaiyaJuly 15, 2021Reply

      Bai kemne korle.ami participate

      • FreeDriveMovieJuly 15, 2021Reply

        Kindly watch how to download video

  • Tasin AhmedJuly 13, 2021Reply

    Please upload Chorki Original Series “Unloukik”s episode Moribar Tar Holo Shadh and Upcoming 4 episodes

    • FreeDriveMovieJuly 13, 2021Reply

      Yeah uploading

  • NaimurJuly 13, 2021Reply

    Thanks a lot dude, appreciate your hard work.👍

    • FreeDriveMovieJuly 13, 2021Reply

      Thanks a lot for visiting 💖💖

      • Hridoy BabuJuly 30, 2021Reply

        Bhai Season 2 kobe asbe?

        • FreeDriveMovieJuly 30, 2021Reply

          we dont have any idea

  • Sheikh RaselJuly 13, 2021Reply

    Eta jehetu TAR file ami 7-zip diye extract korar pore COM] file e transfer hoye jcche. Doya kore ki kono solution dite parben? Thank you.

    • FreeDriveMovieJuly 13, 2021Reply

      Kindly use zarchiver for mobile,And do the extraction properly

    • Not FoundJuly 13, 2021Reply

      COM] file holeu somossa nei. VLC video player diye open koren. Thik moto video play hobe.

  • Nakib Imrul HasanJuly 13, 2021Reply

    File extension ki? Not suppirted

    • FreeDriveMovieJuly 13, 2021Reply

      It is completely fine

    • Not FoundJuly 13, 2021Reply

      @Nakib Imrul Hasan File extension hocche .mp4
      VLC player use koren, tahole video thik moto play hobe.

  • sadJuly 13, 2021Reply

    Episode elomelo

  • Yeasir Arafat UllashJuly 13, 2021Reply

    ডাউনলোড দিলাম কিন্তু ভাইরাস দেখায়।🙄

    • FreeDriveMovieJuly 13, 2021Reply

      What!!do you know english??why dont you read the full text on google download page!!

    • RakeshJuly 13, 2021Reply

      আবার ডাউনলোড করুন 720p

    • Not FoundJuly 13, 2021Reply

      File e kono virus nei. File download kore vlc player diye video play korun.

  • Md. Jahirul IslamJuly 13, 2021Reply

    Thanks.. 😊😊

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  • NazmulJuly 13, 2021Reply

    File is corrupted dekhay.. extract hocche na kno?

    • FreeDriveMovieJuly 13, 2021Reply

      File is fine,make sure you have space on your device unless it will show error

    • MehrinJuly 13, 2021Reply

      Change the file extension to .mp4 or .mkv , hope it’ll work

      • FreeDriveMovieJuly 13, 2021Reply

        No need for that,just extract it again

        • NazmulJuly 13, 2021Reply

          Onk rokom try korsi vai… Kintu hocche na

      • Not FoundJuly 13, 2021Reply

        Use VLC player.

      • NazmulJuly 13, 2021Reply

        Ami to first emn e try korsi.. zip o likhe dekhsi.. kintu extract hocche na tate.. r

        • FreeDriveMovieJuly 13, 2021Reply

          use rar app from playstore

        • FreeDriveMovieJuly 14, 2021Reply


        • XamiJuly 14, 2021Reply

          morcika.tar extension e ase but mp4 e convert korle ar choltese nah.kivabe chalaite parbo?

          • Not FoundJuly 14, 2021

            Please use “Rar” app to extract Morichika. Have fun.

  • Mohi UddinJuly 13, 2021Reply

    My download is runing

    • FreeDriveMovieJuly 13, 2021Reply

      Oh that is great.

  • RoyalJuly 13, 2021Reply

    Eto kotin dowload system dile download ki babah korbo vi- ektu easy korun

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      Oh really.What do u want we buy some cosly server and give you free of download!!Go and buy dvds and subscription dude if u have problem.There is how to download video every where.

      • JiyastJuly 17, 2021Reply

        hahaha,,,shob cmnt er rply na dileo chole

        • FreeDriveMovieJuly 18, 2021Reply

          no its fine

      • Anjan Biswas TonoyJuly 27, 2021Reply

        Vai re vai,ai dhukkho koi rakhi! 5/6 bar download korsi but akbaro show kore na,drive r vlc Player o dekai tao kisue hoi na,thle ki ato sadher movie ta dekte parbo na??

        • FreeDriveMovieJuly 27, 2021Reply

          kindly use rar app fpr mobile or winrar for pc.And extract the tar file properly.

  • HasibJuly 13, 2021Reply

    Lal katan nil sari short film ta upload den

    • FreeDriveMovieJuly 13, 2021Reply

      Kindly do request post on our fb group

  • TanverJuly 13, 2021Reply

    Vaiii direct link denn…

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      No direct download link available.watch how to download video

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      There is link bellow right there.Watch how to download video

  • Biplob HosenJuly 13, 2021Reply

    Verything is very good.

    • FreeDriveMovieJuly 13, 2021Reply

      Thanks keep supporting

  • Akash KhanJuly 13, 2021Reply

    GDToT/Sharer.pw link den…

    • FreeDriveMovieJuly 13, 2021Reply

      It is same dude, same as gdtot.

      • Md tareqJuly 13, 2021Reply

        Link ye to dukhcei nai😒

        • FreeDriveMovieJuly 13, 2021Reply

          What is the problem?msg us on our page with the ss.

  • Hridoy ZamanJuly 12, 2021Reply

    মরীচিকা আপলোড দিছেন রিয়েল তো

    • FreeDriveMovieJuly 13, 2021Reply

      Yeah this is real.We dont upload fake things

      • KayesJuly 13, 2021Reply

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          Kindly watch how to download video or message our page.Use that little messager icon to msg

          • Mr RajonJuly 13, 2021

            Code : 403
            Message : Your Google Drive account storage was full, please delete another file in your Google Drive, or login with another Google account.
            Eita astese bar bar.
            Mail Chnage kora hoice taw hcce na download😭

          • FreeDriveMovieJuly 13, 2021

            Its is fixed now dude try new links

          • NazimJuly 18, 2021

            Amar download hoy na..dekhay ata not found,, karo kasy ki movie er drive link hobey,,diley balo hoy

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            !??its a drive link dude.What is your problem msg on our page with screenshots

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