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May. 20, 2022India106 Min.Not Rated
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Keedam 2022 Movie Download In Hindi Malayalam 1080p and 720p


Keedam is a thriller about a tech expert punishing the men who harassed her on her cellphone, it is also more than that. Initially, Radhika Balan (Rajisha Vijayan) is painfully ethical in her use of technology. The turning point in Keedam is her decision to go after her stalkers outside the framework of the law. But the film’s defining scene that sets it apart from others in its genre is the one in which her father, Balan (Sreenivasan), tells her in a voice limp with fear that he is afraid, and she reacts to this revelation.Keedam 2022 Movie Download

It is unusual for a prominent male character in a commercial Indian film to confess to being vulnerable, more so to a daughter, and for such a man to not be derided by the tone of the film. Unlike male protagonists in similar situations with women they love, Radhika does not become a roaring lion who single-handedly vanquishes gangs and armies. Nor does she conform to Indian cinema’s ‘strong woman’ trope by metamorphosing into a Kali/Durga/Chandi-like raging figure who is the absolute opposite of the more dominant cinematic cliché: women who hang around waiting for men to save them. What we get instead in Keedam is a real woman. She loves her father, is capable of and intent on taking care of herself and him, makes mistakes that normal people do in such circumstances but is not indifferent to the dangers she faces.Keedam is centred around the bright, hard-working, independent-minded Radhika who runs a tech start-up. She shares a home with her father who is a retired and respected lawyer. Her furious reaction to a lascivious caller one day angers the fellow so much that he begins hounding her. He is a hardened criminal, and she a cyber security professional. A battle follows in which he resorts to physical aggression that she counters with her knowledge of technology. What does a predator do when his potential prey turns on him? The keedam (pest) of the title is not who you might assume it is at first glance. The film works on many fronts.

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Original title കീടം
IMDb Rating 6.4 440 votes
TMDb Rating 7.25 4 votes
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